Tutoring and coaching

The passion for teaching to youngsters and the interest for the professional, social and familiar lives of women turns the residence into a focus point for the city of Verona. The formative offer is made up of activities through which passes on the values that are inspired from the Values founding the Rui Foundation and gives the possibility to students to aim at an everyday growth in all of the different aspects of live: cultural, professional and spiritual.

Clivia offers an orientation service for the girls that are beginning their university career with the goal of helping the passage from high school to university: methodology courses and tutoring sessions to evaluate differen choices and find the right motivations. 

At the beginning of one's stay at the residence a tutor accompanies the student in the passage from high school to university, giving the right instruments in order to achieve an efficient study method. In a second phase a coaching activity is proposed to students to help them acquire the behaviours, competences and capabilities neccesary to interact with the context in which one lives (university, work or family).